2 thoughts on “A Summer Stroll Sunday 28 June,2020”

  1. My water color paintings have what I call a “heavy brush appearance” By that I mean my paintings tend to be dark. I try to paint what I see but I am unable to convey that to a painting that is appealing to the eye. my intent is to keep the paining light and cheerful, but I guess I screw with it too much and end up with heavy dark colors that do not blend to let the eye see a more subdued presentation.

    1. Hi Don, When it comes to the distribution of lights and darks I found the advice of John Pike helpful. He suggests doing quick small thumbnail sketches in pencil or charcoal. Imagine your painting subject in terms of just 3 or 4 tones – the white of the paper being the lightest. In general the mass of his painting would be in the neutral or light grey tone and he would save the lightest light and the darkest dark – greatest contrasts – for the focus of interest.
      Also in watercolor painting you get fresher looking results by making fewer not more brush strokes. So lets say youre about to paint a sky or a foreground area. Its better to load a big brush and do it in 5 or 6 long bold strokes that 100 dabs. Also as for painting what you see, remember the watercolor medium is more suited to “impressions” of what you see, unless youre doing something like a careful botanical study . Hope that helps.

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