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Watercolour Artist Ray McSharry - based in London UK
Artist Ray McSharry

I’m Ray McSharry, a watercolour artist from Ilford, London UK. Sketching has been an enjoyment since childhood. Watercolour painting came slightly later to me after I became fascinated by paintings I saw on display at a gallery. Looking at the paintings I was struck by how the artist was able to create light gleaming through dark clouds to shine across the sea below

I particularly enjoy watercolour art for the variety of effects that can be achieved. Sharp shadows on a sunlit day, the misty atmosphere of a rainy day., reflections on the surface of water. Also it has speed and unpredictability all of which make it exciting and not at all as many people imagine. It is also a highly portable hobby -there is no real need for an easel. Of course, it’s easy to go wrong, but there is always another sheet of watercolour paper for a second chance.

My style and subject matter constantly change and evolve. At the moment I am mainly painting landscapes as well as continuing with developing my techniques for watercolour flowers, a long-term interest of mine.

My Watercolour Art Tuition Group

I have also managed to collect a group of local enthusiastic beginner and intermediate level watercolour painters with whom I enjoy collaborating and helping to develop their watercolour techniques.

I will be regularly updating this website, blogging about my experiences and also posting my latest work here, so please visit again soon.