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Get Free Watercolour Tuition London With Ray McSharry

Valentine's Park Mansion - a watercolour painting by Ray and created in an hour-long watercolour tuition session
Valentine’s Park Mansion by Ray McSharry

This free watercolour tuition group, what, when and where is it exactly?

What: We are a small friendly group of watercolour beginners (and some intermediates). Ray is tutor to enthusiastic, ‘hands-on’ watercolour tuition sessions that take place every month, albeit less regularly since the beginning of 2019.

When: We usually meet on a weekend. Often at the end of of a month. Ray valiantly gave a fixed day and time for every month throughout 2017 and 2018 but going forward into 2019 and beyond, a more flexible approach is taken allowing Ray to also attend to some of his many other commitments.

Where: More often than not the meeting starts at Valentines Park Cafe in Ilford, Redbridge, London. Sometimes the meeting is at the Gardeners’ Cottage in Valentines Park and sometimes in nearby Wanstead.

Note: Email Ray to find out where and when we will meet next.

Experienced Watercolour Artist Ray McSharry delivers the goods!

The image at the top of the page is of a watercolour painting by Ray and created in an hour-long session whilst tutoring some of his enthusiastic followers in one of the earlier sessions last year..

Have a look through some of the blog posts for the sort of thing that is typical of a meeting.

Too Far Away?

We would like to hear from you anyway.

This is the 21st century – let’s see if we can get technology to work for us for some meaningful interaction!