Chien Chung Wei

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Some more video-clips of the great Taiwanese artist Chien Chung Wei. You will find another on the Home Page (not replicated here).

Chien With A Drawing Masterclass


Chien Chung Wei is an amazing artist that Ray mentioned to his group of students in the context of a masterful contemporary watercolour artist. Ray recommended Chien Chung Wei as someone we should observe and learn from. Ray also added also that there is plenty that he could also learn from him!

In the first clip we see that Chien Chung Wei also produces fantastic drawings. Watch the video-clip and be amazed!

Chien Demonstrates Another Style Of Watercolour Painting

In the second clip, below, we see another style of watercolour painting expertly demonstrated by master artist Chien Chung Wei. Here, a detailed sketch is first made of the subject to be painted. In this case it is a fine architectural building. Once the outline drawing is complete this is then painted over with watercolours. This makes it sound so simple! But observe Chien Chung Wei at work on this masterpiece and you will soon realise that it is not!


This is introductory and the page will be added to from time to time.