Ray on Watercolour Artists

Inspirational Watercolour Artists
That May Help To Inspire You

I believe that every watercolour artist whose work I have studied has inspired me in some way or the other.

The next time you are browsing through watercolour paintings and you find something that jumps out at you from the painting, take some time to look more carefully at the painting and try and identify what techniques and brush strokes the artist has used to achieve that effect.

You will notice that you find some artists more inspirational than others. That’s because each of us is drawn to different aspects of painting and we look for different things.

There are of course many inspirational watercolour artists around. Have you been particularly inspired by any one watercolour painting or watercolour artist? I’d love to hear about it.

There’s nothing I love better than discussing different artists and their styles. There’s so much to learn not just by looking at a painting but also by listening to another person’s perspective on it. Contact me any time for more information, advice or help.

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