James Fletcher-Watson

James Fletcher Watson

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James Fletcher Watson was another inspiring watercolour artist.  Not only was he inspirational, he is generally considered one of the great figures in British watercolour art.

Indeed, the image that most people have of “watercolour art” is the art as practised by James Fletcher-Watson. The reasons are many. He focused mainly on rural scenes. And so the image of the painter on location in front of an easel fits him perfectly. As does the image of a perfect English gentleman.

He painted real scenes from nature. However they would be selective. Not only would select the best views, he “edited” what he saw. His paintings are based on the principle, ‘what you leave out is just as important as what you put in’.

Among many other valuable lessons, he stresses the importance of simplicity. If you are really interested in this style of painting then please read what he wrote!

We highly recommend his book: The Magic of Watercolour  See this in our links to books section.

Here is a link to him on Youtube:

We said that he was inspirational. This is not merely a subjective judgement that we think he will inspire you. He was in his time a teacher of watercolour art to other enthusiasts. And other great watercolour painters too such as Edward Wesson.

Below is another YouTube video clip celebrating his life and his watercolour painting.

We hope you are suitably inspired!