Joseph Zbukvic

An interesting and popular artist who is still flourishing. Of Eastern European origin he emigrated to Australia many years ago and still lives and paints there.

His style is natural and he produces very atmospheric paintings and is widely copied.

He also produces DVDs of his work and techniques and you can see him on YouTube.

I often quote his view that adding the final small details and people to a watercolour painting as “adding the jewelry”.

Here is a nice YouTube clip of Zbukvic demonstrating the art of painting people.

And another of him painting watercolour landscapes which is brilliantly instructional on the watercolour techniques that he has developed.

And, to add to the collection, another Joseph Zbukvic video-clip of him with some insightful comments on watercolour techniques.

Note that around 0:40 (i.e 40 seconds into the video clip) Joseph says: “at this stage what you need is not painting technique but not anything except faith”. Perhaps that will be true of most of us after we have accumulated years of decades worth of watercolour painting experience!

In the video-clip below a slightly younger looking Joseph Zbukvic gives us some of his wisdom about Watercolour on Location.

And in the clip below, a similar theme: this time watercolour painting on location in rural France.