Ray on Better Watercolour Painting Techniques

My Favourite Watercolour Techniques Tips and Tricks

I will share with you some of my favourite tips and techniques that I have picked up over the years to do with painting in watercolour.

I will also cover useful related topics like finding subject matter,  presentation of your watercolour paintings which is rarely covered in other watercolour painting sites.

By presentation I mean using cardboard mounts and also the protection of your work. This could save you a small fortune given the prices charged for these services in shops and galleries for mounting and framing!

Step by Step

I will give step by step descriptions of the watercolour painting process. Everything from the initial sketch to the finished painting. I will suggest how best to present it.

My goal is to inspire you get the best out of your own watercolour painting.

Selecting a Subject

In other sections I will also give tips about various watercolour painting projects that you can undertake as a beginner.

Of course, you can do a watercolour painting of anything you choose. You don’t even have to have the subject in front of you (in fact I rarely do!). But as a beginner having a particular subject in front of you and painting what you see is good for confidence. And it requires less strain on the imagination in the early stages.

I have a section on this website of “Easy Watercolour Projects”. These are what some of “The Great and The Good” watercolour painters have made a career out of painting. It is a useful start for you to have a go at them too.

Watercolour Techniques Topic By Topic

Here in this section about Watercolour Techniques you will find advice on topics such as:

Watercolour Supplies – and how to get started without spending a small fortune.

Watercolour Brushstrokes and Texture Techniques – it’s hard to separate these two intertwined topics but we try our best as it is of genuine help to the novice to try to master these.

Colour Theory and Tone – how colours are made up and what is “warm” and what is “cool”. And as a beginner not to use too many colours. Tone is far more important than colour.

Presentation – beginning with mounting your watercolour painting. In coming months were want to expand these sections to cover making prints of your original, framing your watercolour paintings and finally on how to sell your watercolour art.

We also hope to share with you other people’s painting experiences, tips and ideas and hopefully we will eventually provide an online place where people can connect with other watercolour artists, friends and groups. 

You’ll also find in the coming months that we hope also to offer a service on this website that will allow you to showcase (and maybe even sell)  some of your own pieces of work.

Watch out for further news.