Mounting Watercolour Paintings

Mounting Watercolour Paintings – Some Basic DIY

Cutting your own mounts

The basic tools for the job are a cutting mat, knife, steel rule, pencil and masking tape. I buy the mounts and backing boards from ‘Lion’ picture frame suppliers and the cello bags I find on line. There are portable mount cutting tools or kits you can buy on line or from the shops.

I start with a large sheet of mount board or, in this case, pulp board 44 x 36 inches.


From this sheet I will cut out 12 mounts of 12 x 10 inches – standard frame size. Next I measure out the lines I need to cut then divide the sheet into 3.

I then cut each piece into 4 so I have 12 mounts.I now cut the window in each mount. the dimensions of the window depends on the size of the photo or painting you want to mount .For this demo I,ll say the window needs to be 10 x 8 inches , so the border will be 2 inches all around.I mark these lines on the back of the mount and cut using a steel straightedge or ruler and a Stanley knife.


This just takes a bit of practice . One tip is to have 2 knives -one for cutting the large sheets and one for the more detailed cutting when you want to ensure a clean cut.

Next you attach the picture to the mount with masking tape.


If you’re not framing the picture straight away a convenient way to protect it is to slip it into a ‘cello bag’,together with a piece of stiff backing.This gives a pleasing finish and look and also makes it easy to send in the post if required.






And this is how the finished product looks.